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Guru Nanak Ramgarhia Sikh Hospital is a subsidiary of East African Ramgarhia Board.

It is a medium size, fully fledged hospital with a capacity of 45 beds. The Hospital Board is the policy maker but liaises with the Medical Advisory Committee, which consists of Consultants of high caliber, who also practice in other major hospitals. One of their tasks is;

1. To scrutinize the documents of all the Consultants and Doctors practicing in Guru Nanak Ramgarhia Sikh Hospital.

2. To supervise/monitor the standards of Patient's Management and Medical Audits. They have also considered the following factors, which plays a significant role e.g.

1. Enormous Bed charges, Cost of investigations, high drug prices and unregulated professional fees of the specialist.

2. Unjustified prolonged hospitalization and unnecessary sanctions of sick leaves, which besides affecting the company budgets for staff health benefit causes loss.

hospital provides 24 hours services

  • Accidents/Emergencies
  • Out-patient department
  • In-patient Services. Private rooms and Wards
  • Laboratory Services
  • X-ray & Ultra Sounds Services
  • C.T scan
  • Mobile X-ray Unit
  • Physiotherapy department
  • Maternity Unit with Modern private rooms
  • Well established Maternal Child Health (MCH) Services with Special Packages
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  • Fully equipped Theatre and Day Care Surgery setup
  • Pharmacy
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  • Ultra modern Dental Unit
  • Ambulance service
  • HIV /AIDs/T.B /ARV& Counseling centre
  • Specialist's clinics
  • Nutrition clinic
OUR PHILOSOPHY: Guru Nanak Ramgarhia Sikh Hospital renders services to mankind irrespective of race, creed or status. The hospital provides the highest attainable in patient's management.

Our services emphasizes on the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the patients, who are perceived as an individual member of his/her society. Patient management of the highest standard demands working environment, which is conducive to professional emotional and social growth of all persons.

It is our strong believe that co-operative human activity and whole some human relationship based on effective lines of communication results in loyal, committed and satisfied personnel and consequent attainment of our goals.

OUR MISSION: To give Quality medical care, excellent patient hospitality and Quality Affordable services in preventive and tertiary care.

OUR VISION: To be the Hospital of choice for every Kenyan

Quality Policy

We are committed to provide, deliver, quality and affordable healthcare services that are defined by internationally acceptable guidelines. This shall be achieved by continuously improving the effectiveness of our quality management system in line with health care standards to meet and exceed our clients` expectations.

Core Values

  • INTEGRITY -We act openly and truthfully in everything we do.
  • CARING - We treat and serve those who approach us with concern, kindness and respect.
  • INNOVATION - We strongly believe in new ideas of ever changing medical care and timely access to information which will lead to par excellence in healthcare and management.
  • COLLABORATION- We work together as a team, cooperatively, recognizing that our combined efforts can exceed what we can accomplish individually.
  • COMMITMENT -We are honored and dedicated to provide excellence in every aspect of work we do.
  • COMMUNITY -We recognize and respect the importance of clients' healthcare needs and maintain confidentiality.

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